Biased Reporting on a Bad Guy

Mohammed bin Salman, who seems to be running Saudi Arabia these days, is one of the bad guys. If he were a good guy, he wouldn’t have attacked his neighboring country, Yemen. He wouldn’t be committing war crimes there in conjunction with vital U.S. support. If he were a good guy, he’d respect not only the rights of females but also the rights of everyone else.

Based upon some cursory research, all that I have time for at the moment, I suggest that the dominant media in America are biased in their reporting about this political potentate. I searched Google using “Mohammed bin Salman 2016”. You can check me. I found headlines with terms like this: “…the prince trying to wean Saudi Arabia off oil”, “shatters decades of Royal tradition”, “plotting to try and take over as the country’s new king by the end of 2016”, “buys £452m yacht”, “Mohammed Bin Salman seems to have won a power struggle in the Kingdom”, “The 30-year-old prince who is changing the world”, “just pushed through a bold package of reforms”, “Prince Muhammad Bin Salman Three-Pronged Approach to Counter-Terrorism”, “Saudi deputy crown prince to visit the United States”, “Obama hosts Saudi Prince Salman at White House” and “Saudi Arabia Prince Mohammed Bin Salman To Visit Silicon Valley”.

The preceding articles mainly sell bin Salman as progressive, modern, bold, daring, and innovative. They paint him as a great guy with youthful energy. His age is almost always mentioned.

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You would not know that he started a war against Yemen unless you searched on “saudi aggression on yemen 2016”. Then you’d find some headlines like these: “Airstrikes on Yemen funeral kill at least 140 people”,…

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