Better Than an Ax or Hatchet

When you’re out and about in the outdoors, Ready Nutrition Readers, no doubt in the late Spring and in the Summer you have met with obstacles: stickers, thorn bushes, and creeping foliage. Although I’m not advocating carving out new wilderness trails in the manner of Lewis and Clark, there’s something to be said for taking “the path less traveled by,” to paraphrase Frost. If you have to “bust brush,” you could use more than a walking stick. This is where a good machete made by Gerber will come in handy.

I have one and consider it absolutely essential when I need to traverse through a heavily thicketed and thorn-infested area. The Gerber Machete is 25” in length from the tip to the base of the handle, or pommel, if you prefer. The blade is 17” in lengthOne of the best features is that the spine or back of the blade is a ripsaw, and this is just over 15”. This last is pretty important, because that long length of saw blade with sharp, ripping teeth will allow you to cut thicker poles from fallen timber, such as needed for lean-to’s, tents, and hammock-ends.

The saw’s teeth are 3/16” in depth: just under a quarter of an inch. For busting brush, this is good for if you have a heavy load of a pack and you can’t go over or around a woody thorn bush. With this, you can cut it right off at the base, very quickly, and be done with it. The blade is burnished with an overcoat, whereas the edge is fine-honed with the blade sharpened its entire length and an edge-width of ¼”. The handle is rubberized with a tough polymer material and quite ergonomic. It has a rope handle for your wrist that loops through the machete’s handle for a backup.

Gerber Gator Machete -…

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