Beryl Hood: 29 November 1938–21 March 2017


Beryl Hood: 29 November 1938–21 March 2017

Mike Head

25 March 2017

With great sadness and sense of loss, the World Socialist Web Site reports the death of Beryl Hood, a long-time member of the Socialist Equality Party (SEP) in Australia and its predecessor, the Socialist Labour League (SLL).

Beryl Hood

Comrade Beryl, 78, was a member of the Trotskyist movement for more than 40 years, having joined the SLL in 1975 at the age of 37. She died of a brain tumour on March 21, just three and a half months after the malignancy was diagnosed. Beryl spent her final weeks in a nursing home at St Marys in western Sydney, the area where she lived and worked tirelessly as a party member for many years.

Beryl is survived by five of her children, now all adults—Brett, Scott, Bronwyn, Julian and Melanie—and seven grandchildren. Her eldest son, Peter, died at the age of 41.

Beryl left a deep impression on everyone who knew and worked with her, especially her comrades in the SEP and internationally. Always warm and approachable, she was unwavering in her loyalty and dedication to the Trotskyist movement and its fight for the emancipation of the working class through the world socialist revolution. The party became her lifelong passion; she was honest, forthright, compassionate and generous—a fine and steadfast representative of the most advanced layers of the working class.

Internationalism animated every aspect of Beryl’s political life. She was intensely hostile to all forms of nationalism, especially Australian nationalism, which have always been used to pit workers against each other and divert them from a common struggle against the capitalist profit system.

Born during the Great Depression, Beryl was part of a generation whose parents were inspired by the victory of…

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