BBC Fires Award-Winning White Male Comedian for Being White and Male

Pretty sure this is the first time I’ve seen anyone be openly and publicly fired for the explicit reason that he is a White male.

This is, of course, the new standard.

And get this: the guy is 5’4″ – meaning he is himself a part of an IRL discriminated minority. That is like, really, really short. I’m 5’7″, and am often the shortest guy in the room. 5’4″ is bordering on midget-size.

In fact, I’m not so sure it wasn’t heightism that got him fired.

No, j/k. He was definitely fired because he’s White.

Daily Mail:

The BBC was at the centre of a damaging diversity row last night after one of its top radio stars was sacked for being ‘white and male’.

Bafta award-winning comedian Jon Holmes was axed from The Now Show – the hit Radio 4 programme he has appeared on for 18 years – when bosses told him ‘we’re recasting it with more women and diversity’.

Last night, leading figures from the world of entertainment and across the political spectrum reacted with fury to the BBC instigating a policy in which it was now choosing performers based on their gender or skin colour, instead of their talent.

You can’t choose people on talent and have diversity, or all you’re going to have is a bunch of White males.

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