Baked Alaska's Attacker Discovered – Help Identify Him!

By Reinhard Wolff |

Baked Alaska (Tim Gionet) was seriously injured at Unite the Right.

On the way to the rally, a previously unidentified man sprayed Tim in the face with a corrosive substance. While he initially thought he had been maced, the pain and vision impairment lasted lasted longer than expected, leading him to believe that he was attacked with a far more harmful substance.

Thanks to some serious internet sleuthing, Tim’s attacker has been found.

The identity of this lunatic, however, has not yet been discovered. But given the success of /pol/ at identifying antifa criminals, I have complete confidence that Tim’s attacker will soon be given the chance to explain the finer points of anti-fascism to inmates in one of our fine federal penitentiaries.

Please help by spreading this far and wide. Baked Alaska went to Unite the Right to peaceful rally and was subject to a vicious, unprovoked attack.

Let’s bring his attacker to justice.


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