Azealia Banks vows ‘never’ to return to Israel after ‘racist’ treatment in Tel Aviv — RT US News

American rapper Azealia Banks has tweeted out a lengthy list of her grievances with Israeli people after she says she was racially and sexually harassed on a trip to Tel Aviv.

The artist claimed that she was treated rudely on multiple occasions due to her skin color, including being subjected to extra security checks at the airport, facing hostility in restaurants and grocery stores, as well as being “purposefully coughed on” and “stepped on” in public.

Banks even accused airline staff of losing her bag “on purpose” because she is black. In one tweet, Banks claimed that on her flight home, a rabbi sitting next to her on the plane asked if he could sex with her “for money.”

Banks also described another incident where “some old Jewish lady” screamed at her on the plane. “Y’all country is nuts,” she declared in another tweet.

The reaction to Banks’ comments on Twitter was mixed. While some echoed her experiences in Tel Aviv, others branded Banks herself a racist for tarring all Israelis with the same brush.

The singer also lamented the mad “dark voodoo vibes” she felt in Israel and vowed not to return “unless it’s for some real money.”

Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.