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How many of us have seen a rescue situation unfold on TV or the paper and think “How did they get into that mess” or “what on earth?”

Every year there are thousands of people that have to be rescued from various situations. Although from a distance it is easy to judge and say “I would never get into that situation”, it is worth analyzing how these things happen so we can be better at avoiding them.

Get the experience you need to succeed.

Lack of experience when going out on an expedition is one of the leading causes of catastrophe and fatalities. People that take on some of the roughest terrain and mountains take a lot of time to train and get into the proper physical condition.

Mount Rainier and the Spring Thaw

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I am going to tell you a story about growing up in Washington state. We used to get quite a snow pack, and one of the more macabre jokes out there was that you knew it was spring when they started finding hikers on Mount Rainier.  When you heard the stories about people hiking and dying it was hard not to ask “what on earth is a novice or unprepared person doing thinking they could climb a 14,000 ft volcano!

Sorry but that takes some experience.

A lot of people are fully capable of it and having a great experience but over estimating your level of preparedness or rushing into a major summit like that is foolhardy. Train the right way. Get out there with a friend or a group to prepare for the adventures you want to have. During a SHTF scenario, you are not going just to be able to strap on a pack that weighs 40 lbs or more and take off like a super athlete if what you are used to involves a desk during the week and a few short hikes on…

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