Autoworkers denounce GM Lordstown layoffs, UAW collaboration


“The union and the company are working together”

Autoworkers denounce GM Lordstown layoffs, UAW collaboration

Shannon Jones

3 May 2018

There is widespread anger among workers at the General Motors Lordstown Assembly Complex as well as in the broader community over the impending layoff of 1,500 workers at the factory being carried out with the connivance of the United Auto Workers.

Lordstown Assembly Complex

GM is laying off an entire shift in June at the plant that builds the Chevrolet Cruze compact car. At the same time, under terms of a “Competitive Operating Agreement” signed by the UAW, GM is hiring low-paid workers at its subsidiary GM Subsystems to work in the plant to replace jobs done by veteran workers. The announcement sparked outrage among workers at the Lordstown plant, who recognize it as a move by management and the UAW to drive out better-paid senior workers and bring in lower paid temporary workers with few if any rights.

An article posted by the World Socialist Web Site exposing the agreement has been read by tens of thousands of workers.

Workers warmly greeted a World Socialist Web Site reporting team that visited the Lordstown plant on Tuesday. Many workers were eager to take the WSWS Autoworker N ewslett er and discuss the layoffs. Workers expressed disgust with the UAW, saying they had been lied to and kept in the dark about the layoffs.

Shift Change at GM Lordstown Assembly Complex

“The union and the company are working together,” said one worker. “You have a conflict of interest. We all know it’s not right. I’ve got 34 years and I can’t even hold the second shift. That’s because of the Delphi transfer. (Workers who had worked at the former GM Delphi division lost their seniority along with other benefits when they…

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