Authorities to use drones to surveil Boston Marathon

Boston Herald
April 6, 2017

A pair of tethered drones built by a local company will hover over the Boston Marathon starting line in Hopkinton for the first time as part of a high-tech security plan targeting low-tech terror attacks.

Built by Danvers-based CyPhy Works, the Persistent Aerial Reconnaissance and Communications drones, or PARC for short, are tethered to the ground with thin wires, letting police survey the crowd with cameras equipped with long-distance zoom, electro-optical and infrared capabilities.

“The wire provides power so it can stay up for days, and days, and days, it doesn’t have to come down,” Perry Stoll, CyPhy Works vice president of product and software told the Herald. “It can send unhackable, secure communication up and down the tether as well. It’s perfect for public safety and security where it has to be up for a while.”

CyPhy Works provided PARC drones for the 2016 Tokyo Marathon. The drones can track moving targets and fly in all weather.

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This article was posted: Thursday, April 6, 2017 at 8:07 am

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