Australians sue Apple for refusing to repair error

Hundreds of Australian consumers are suing US Apple company for violating consumer rights by allegedly refusing to look at or repair some iPads and iPhones previously serviced by a third party.

Australia’s consumer watchdog agency, the Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), announced on Thursday that it had filed a legal complaint on behalf of 275 consumers against Apple Pty Limited and its US-based parent Apple Inc.

Apple company “made false, misleading, or deceptive representations about consumers’,” ACCC charged.

If ACCC wins the case, each violation of Australian law can attract a maximum fine of 830 million US dollars, pending on the court decision.

The case followed an ACCC investigation into consumer reports saying users who had an “Error 53” that disabled their iPads or iPhones after updating their operating systems were “routinely refused” by Apple to have their devices looked at or serviced.

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