Australian workers and youth denounce persecution of Julian Assange


Australian workers and youth denounce persecution of Julian Assange

our reporters

23 April 2018

Over the weekend, Socialist Equality Party (SEP) campaigners spoke to a broad range of workers, students and young people about upcoming SEP meetings opposing the stepped-up persecution of Julian Assange, and the censorship of the Internet by governments around the world in league with the “tech” monopolies.

Workers and youth denounced the decision of the Ecuadorian government last month to cut off Assange’s Internet access and right to receive visitors at its London embassy, where he sought asylum more than five years ago. The move, taken under pressure from the US, Britain and the other major powers, was aimed at silencing WikiLeaks’ exposures of the drive to war, and intimidating other opponents of escalating militarism.

The sentiments of ordinary people stand in stark contrast to the actions of the Australian political establishment. All of the parliamentary parties, along with the corporate press, liberal pundits, and the pseudo-left, have maintained a deafening silence over the latest attacks on Assange. This is in line with the support extended in 2010 by the Greens-backed Labor government of Julia Gillard, and every government since, for the US-led persecution of Assange.


Callum, a University of Melbourne student, said: “Assange has released documents that have been kept secret by various governments, including the US. The Swedish government made allegations of sexual misconduct against him which turned out to be false.

“Assange’s Internet access was cut-off because he is releasing documents that are ideologically dangerous to the US government. The US can only act in an imperialist manner when it is not seen by everyone.

“The US claims to…

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