Australian workers and youth back June 17 Sydney rally in defence of Julian Assange


Australian workers and youth back June 17 Sydney rally in defence of Julian Assange

our reporters

12 June 2018

Over the past weeks, workers and young people in Sydney and across the country have expressed their support for the June 17 Sydney rally, called by the Socialist Equality Party (SEP), in defence of Julian Assange.

Under conditions of a virtual media blackout of the event, and the dire plight confronting Assange, there is widespread sympathy for the WikiLeaks editor.

Many of those who have spoken to SEP campaigners have denounced the refusal of the Liberal-National Coalition government of Malcolm Turnbull to take the action required to secure Assange’s freedom and safe passage to Australia. There is also mounting anger over the silence of the Greens, the trade unions and their adjuncts in the pseudo-left organisations, all of whom have abandoned Assange to his fate.


Layne, a 20-year-old apprentice chef in Newcastle, stated: “Julian Assange has been virtually imprisoned. Governments are suppressing him because he represents freedom of speech. He revealed the secrets of the American government and other governments. He opened up their databases to make all this information available for regular people which they have been withholding from us.

“They are not trying to prosecute him because of the Swedish rape allegations, which have been dropped, or supposed bail offenses. They want to charge him for something so they can brutally interrogate, torture and imprison him. By cutting off his communications, they are trying to make him go mad.

“Julian Assange should be brought back to Australia. I would call on everyone to support this rally in all ways possible and to fight until Julian Assange is freed and brought to Australia. He is an Australian…

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