Australian meetings to call for Julian Assange’s freedom


Australian meetings to call for Julian Assange’s freedom

the Socialist Equality Party (Australia)

20 April 2018

The Socialist Equality Party (Australia) has called public meetings in major cities as part of an international campaign, spearheaded by the World Socialist Web Site, against Internet censorship and growing efforts by governments around the world to suppress and silence opposition and political dissent.

A central aspect of the meetings will be the fight for the freedom of Julian Assange, the editor of WikiLeaks. Assange has been subjected to relentless persecution since late 2010 by the governments of the United States, Britain and Australia. He has been the target of a vicious vendetta because WikiLeaks courageously published leaked information that exposed US war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan—including video footage of US forces murdering journalists—as well as the diplomatic conspiracies carried out by the ruling elites against the democratic and social rights of the international working class.

After more than seven years of persecution, Assange’s fate hangs in the balance. The Ecuadorian government, which in June 2012 provided him political asylum within its embassy in London, has been pressured by the US and British governments to cut off his ability to communicate with the outside world, and to even deny him personal visitors. Since March 29, the already terrible conditions of his near six-year confinement inside the small embassy have been made even more intolerable.

The silencing of Assange has two connected motives. First, the imperialist powers are determined to prevent him from exposing the suppressed truth behind their escalating political and military provocations against Russia, which threaten to trigger war between nuclear-armed…

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