Australian Ambassador Tony Kevin’s Plan to Free Assange – Consortiumnews

As a NZ citizen I have been advocating that the NZ Govt Treasurer, G Robertson organnise the NZ govt to get Julian Assange out of that embassy any way they can, but NZ govt is just as gutless as their AU counterparts.
Good on you Tony Kevin for speaking out, Julian Assange has changed the way the world views its politics, and his rescued is imperative.
Suzy Dawson has informed us of the NZ Key Govt appalling submission of NZ sovereignty to the CIA, under the 5 eyes banner, re NZ spies infiltrating the recent French election. Thankyou Suzy and your enduring support for Julian Assange.
The new NZ Labor Combined Govt have a fight on there hands if they so wish, to break the US yoke (at least crack it) on sovereignty, redirect the NZ economy: break the Milton Friedman austerity policy to the new economics ie Michael Hudson, public central bank, eco and modern monetary policy: Unlikely.
NZ politics and economic policy is led by the AU owned NZ media, the obedient NZ public media following close behind. NZ Labor/Comb Govt need to confront and use their Govt position to inform NZ of what is possible.
I note Tony Kevin’s comment, re a relased Assange and his role re Wikileaks, which could include an iron clad stipulation by UK govt.
but there are still possibilities.
I would like to see Julian Assange help organize a World War mobilization re fossil fuels and climate change. I think he would be an excellent instigator. The world has very little time.

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