Australia: White flight in schools

Lana’s Comment: White Australians have nothing to be guilty about. It’s healthy and natural to care for your own children’s needs first and foremost. The longer liberals deny racial differences, including IQ, the more all children will suffer. You cannot simply integrate a child from Sudan, who speaks a foreign language, and expect it will have no impact on the English speaking students. Yet according to the religion of egalitarianism, we’re all the same and so we must deny the  evidence that says otherwise, even if our own children have to be held back from reaching their highest potential. White flight is perfectly natural because people prefer their own. White children learn best with other White children who they share a language, culture and ancestry with, one that was thousands of years in the making. It doesn’t matter what White people do because in the end they’ll be called racist for everything, including looking after the best interest of their children. 

The idea that smart kids should sacrifice their own education to drag up their peers from non-English speaking families is simply obnoxious.

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What are they playing at, these smug, middle-class families deserting their local state school just because it’s next to commission housing? (White flight: race segregation in Melbourne state schools) How dare those “Greens-voting, socially liberal” white families drain these “sink schools” of their affluence and high-achieving…

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