As US threatens war against North Korea, China appeals to European powers


As US threatens war against North Korea, China appeals to European powers

Alex Lantier

9 September 2017

China protested US military escalation in the Korean Peninsula yesterday and sought European mediation. Chinese President Xi Jinping contacted both German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron to coordinate sanctions against North Korea after its nuclear tests, and ask them to help prevent the crisis from escalating into all-out war.

Beijing formally protested the deployment of the US THAAD radar and missile system in South Korea, saying it could be used to monitor, identify, and attack targets inside Russia and China. “I strongly urge the US and South Korea to value the security interests of China and other regional countries and immediately halt the deployment and remove the relevant equipment. China has lodged stern representations with South Korea,” said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang.

While his remarks were couched in diplomatic jargon, Geng was making quite clear that Beijing views THAAD as a major threat that could lead to direct war between the major powers. Speaking to China’s state-run Global Times, Zheng Jiyong of Shanghai’s Fudan University attacked the THAAD deployment, saying it was as dangerous as the North Korean regime’s testing of a hydrogen bomb on Sunday.

“The deployment, which is similar in nature to North Korea’s missile tests, cannot solve the Korean Peninsula issue, but would merely exacerbate the already chaotic situation and drive the Peninsula closer to war,” Zheng said. “China has done a lot to denuclearize the peninsula, and it’s the US who does not want to see a peaceful peninsula, because a chaotic situation gives it an excuse to deploy strategic weapons in the…

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