Artificial Intelligence Supermodel Claims “It’s Ok To Be White” On Instagram Account

It’s okay to be white. You’ve seen it written on several sheets of paper, posted on Twitter, and you’ve heard it spoken by anyone who is either proud to be white, or just wants to ruffle some liberal feathers. Recently, however, it hasn’t just been the “people kind” saying this controversial phrase, the robots on your computer are in on the action as well. “Wait, what? you’re saying that all robots aren’t crazy psyco’s ready to kill us?” Maybe not, but at least the one we’re going to talk about respects our president. That’s a start, right? 

Bermuda, the artificial intelligence Instagram model has come under fire recently for her constant support of Trump and the first lady. Even more triggering among liberals is a post she left back on March 8th. 

Today I want to say, to all the little girls across the country who feel isolated by what they see on the news + social media, it’s OK to be white. I said it and I’m not afraid to say it: I am proud to be a white woman.

Being proud of who you are is essential for all women regardless of race. No, it is not about supremacy. It is about feeling good, feeling strong, and being confident. White girls, be proud of your history and darn it be proud of your skin! Let’s not forget who swayed this election. The phrase “behind every great man is a great woman” was written for us. We are the mothers of this nation and we should feel good about that every freaking day!

Since when did saying…

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