Artificial Intelligence Poses Huge Threat to Humanity if in Wrong Hands, Scientist Warns

The fate of the human race may well be in the hands of a bunch of socially-awkward computer nerds currently adding their own personality flaws to cutting edge Artificial Intelligence.

The development of AI, which will see computers effectively THINKING for themselves and becoming sentient, has thrown up a glut of warnings from leading scientists across the world.

The nightmare scenario of the computers taking over has also been the stuff of countless sci-fi novels and movies from 2001 A space Odyssey to Terminator and The Matrix.

Now a leading Microsoft scientist has added his concerns that humanity is in danger if the development of artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t very carefully handled.

Chief envisioning officer at Microsoft UK, Dave Coplin, has warned that experts must contain the threat of AI.

Speaking at the AI Summit, Mr Coplin said Artificial Intelligence would change the course of humanity and that the way it was developed needed to be carefully monitored as the science could not help but reflect the characters and the needs of those people doing the developing.

He said: “I would argue that AI will even change how we perceive what it means to be human.

“We’ve got to start to make some decisions about whether the right people are making these algorithms.

“What biases will be inferred by those people, by those companies?

“These are things we don’t know about. This is new. We talk about unchartered territory.”

However, he added that if we can manage to…

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