Arizona teachers oppose union sellout and call for nationwide strike


“If the workers united we would be a dominating force”

Arizona teachers oppose union sellout and call for nationwide strike

Will Morrow

5 May 2018

Schools reopened across Arizona on Friday, as teachers returned to work following the betrayal of their courageous week-long strike by the unions, the American Federation of Teachers, the National Education Association, and the nominally “independent” union front group, Arizona Educators United.

The deal is virtually identical to the proposal of Republican governor Doug Ducey that teachers rejected before the strike began, and meets none of the main demands of teachers or support staff.

The unions’ sellout is the latest in a series of betrayals of strikes by teachers, including in West Virginia and Oklahoma. They have worked to isolate the expanding strike wave on a state-by-state basis. The unions were all the more determined to end the Arizona strike yesterday, with teachers in Pueblo, in neighboring Colorado, set to walk out on Monday. On May 16, teachers will shut down schools across North Carolina, after thousands of teachers have already called off work.

Teachers spoke to the World Socialist Web Site yesterday and denounced the sellout of the strike by the Arizona Education Association and AEU.

Amy, a seventh- and eight-grade teacher in Mesa, told the WSWS that the union had been determined to stop the strike on Wednesday “when the teachers got really angry and began to take the power away from the union leaders.”

Amy noted that on Tuesday, the AEU had instructed teachers to return to work on Thursday. “They didn’t send out a poll or survey. I thought: ‘How do you know we’re ready?”

Amy (right) and her colleague

“The teachers were chanting angrily on Wednesday, circling inside and…

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