‘Are We Meddling?’

US members of Congress freeze, fumble and deliver bewildering answers to award-winning journalist Max Blumenthal as he asks Capitol Hill politicians what they think of the US’ open support for Venezuela’s opposition.

Many members of the US Congress are greatly concerned by supposed ‘Russian meddling’ in American affairs. But what do they think about Washington openly getting behind the opposition in Venezuela? In a video, published on his website, the Grayzone Project, Blumenthal asked lawmakers just that.

The politicians were visibly caught off guard by pretty simple and straightforward questions. Several lawmakers couldn’t provide a definitive answer to whether the US public support for opposition leader Juan Guaido could be considered ‘meddling’ in a foreign nation’s affairs.

“Haven’t thought about that,” a baffled lawmaker was heard saying when asked how he would react if Russia recognized House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as president of the US.

Washington did something similar to that last week, when President Donald Trump recognized the speaker of Venezuela’s opposition-controlled parliament, Guaido, as the legitimate leader of the country.

Some, like Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez outright refused to answer questions on Venezuela, saying she is “working on a response.” Others denied that the wholesale US support for Guaido against President Nicolas Maduro constitutes ‘meddling,’ albeit failing to coherently explain why.

“I think we’re just supporting the people and supporting what they are deciding needs to happen, and so I think it’s good of us since we are the bastion of freedom,” Vicky Hartzler, a Republican from Missouri, stated.

Her Democratic colleague, Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut, was passionate about protecting Robert…

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