Are There Private Emails and Cellphone Calls

I have decided to share with you something which I originally sent out to the key members of the Saker community: my recommendation on how to keep your private communications private in the age of “Big Brother” aka NSA, ECHELON, GCHQ, Unit 8200, etc. I have been interested in the topic of encryption for many years already, and I have had to use encryption techniques in the past to protect myself from snooping by indelicate employers. There have also been some discussions inside the Saker community of what did and did not work for us. I have now come to the conclusion that there are two services out there which I feel I can recommend to our entire community, one for emails and another for messaging/audio/video/file sharing. Why two different services rather than one?

The truth is that the confidentiality issues with email are unique and require a unique solution. Typically, emails are designed to remain kept on some kind of storage device whereas most telephone calls or video conferences are not recorded (at least not by the participants).

Let’s look at these two issues separately.

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ABSTRACT: if you want to protect your communication from any kind of snooping, including government snooping, the most reliable and advanced solution currently available are:For your emails: Prontonmail (free of charge)

For your messaging/telephone/video/filesharing needs: the Silent Phone app for Android and iOS ($9.99/month)

Protecting your emails with Protonmail:

Protonmail is a Swiss company whose history is well described in this Wikipedia article. I won’t repeat it here. I will just say that with Protonmail your mailbox remains encrypted in such a manner that even the managers and technicians at Protonmail cannot access it. Here are a few…

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