Apple pulls GOP convention support over Trump: Report

US technology giant Apple has reportedly withdrawn its support  for next month’s Republican National Convention (RNC) in opposition to  Donald Trump’s possible presidential nomination.

According to Politico, the iPhone and IMac maker was against what it called Trump’s sexist, racist, and xenophobic statements throughout his campaign.

Although not known as a routine supporter of major political parties, Apple did provide both Republican and Democrats with $140,000 worth of MacBooks and other hardware for the convention events in the 2008 presidential election.

The company stood out of the US presidential race in 2012, after Democrats rejected corporate contributions.

This year however, unlike Google, Microsoft and Facebook, Apple pulled its financial support from the RNC to make a case against the New York businessman who has blasted Apple for its alleged refusal to install a backdoor on its products for intelligence purposes.

If confirmed, Apple…

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