Anti-Chinese witch-hunt against New Zealand MP intensifies


Anti-Chinese witch-hunt against New Zealand MP intensifies

Tom Peters

28 December 2017

On December 20, Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters, leader of the anti-Asian New Zealand First Party, demanded an “investigation” into “serious allegations” made in the media against opposition National Party MP Jian Yang. In an inflammatory statement in parliament, Peters denounced Yang as a “Manchurian candidate,” i.e. a Chinese secret agent.

The previous day, the New Zealand Herald claimed that in 2012 Yang “lobbied” then-National Party ministers on behalf of an unnamed China-born applicant for an unspecified “sensitive position in the defence force.” The applicant had been denied clearance for the position by the Security Intelligence Service (SIS).

Labour Party Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who leads a coalition government with NZ First and the Greens, tacitly supported Peters, telling the Herald “it’s inappropriate for MPs to lobby around security clearances.”

Yang denied “lobbying” to overturn the SIS decision, saying he “simply sought answers on the constituent’s behalf through the appropriate channels.” National Party leader Bill English defended Yang, saying: “It’s overstretching it to say that he tried to overturn a security classification.”

The witch-hunt against Yang is part of an intensifying anti-Chinese campaign in Australia and New Zealand, aimed at aligning both countries more closely with US war preparations.

In an effort to reverse its economic decline, US imperialism has waged a series of criminal wars over the past quarter century and is now building up its military against China. President Donald Trump’s threats to “totally destroy” North Korea, if acted upon, would inevitably lead to war with China. The…

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