‘Anti-austerity protests tip of iceberg’

Reports coming out of the UK suggest that more anti-austerity protests are expected to be held in the country following the surprise victory of Prime Minister David Cameron’s Conservative Party.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg, I think yesterday’s demonstration is the first but it won’t be the last and it won’t be the biggest demonstration against the Tories,” John Rees, the Spokesperson for The People’s Assembly Against Austerity told Press TV on Sunday.

He said thousands of people have already announced that they would take part in the rallies scheduled to be held next month.

“The People’s Assembly is planning on 20th of June a demonstration which has over 30,000 people saying they are coming to it on Facebook and that’s a month before it takes place,” John Rees added.

On Saturday, British police clash with anti-austerity protesters in central London as thousands turn out to express anger at Tories rise to majority rule with only 37 percent of the vote.

Meanwhile, media published on social networks indicated a heavy-handed response to the rally.

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