Another Wonder Drug

If you think cholesterol-lowering statin drugs are an affront to your intelligence because they were approved on the false promise they save lives yet have only been proven to spare one non-mortal heart attack among 70 high-risk or one in 200 healthy adults over a 5-year period, then you will be just as outraged at the latest blockbuster drug Big Pharma just pulled out of its bags of tricks.

The drug, a monoclonal antibody called Ilaris (canakinumab), which is not new (first described in the medical literature in 2009), is being lauded in the news media (the sycophants of the drug industry) as a wonder drug that could save thousands of lives.  It is being “hailed as the biggest breakthrough since statins. “

And why?  Because it has just now been shown to ever so slightly reduce the risk for non-mortal heart attacks over an average of 3.7 years from 4.50 events to 3.86 events per 100-person years compared to an inactive placebo pill.  In hard numbers that is only a 0.68% difference but in relative numbers that is a 15% difference.

Canakinumab is injected once every three months and aims at an inflammatory target called interleukin-1B (IL-1B) that has application in a widespread number of human diseases because inflammation is essentially part of every malady that affects mankind.

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Canakinumab was first approved by the FDA in 2009 for a couple of obscure diseases.  Most sales of canakinumab are for off-label uses.

Up till now canakinumab has been used to treat gout, arthritis, Mediterranean fever and a host of other inflammatory-related disorders.

In this groundbreaking study it was used among patients whose…

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