Anger grows as layoff approaches for 1,500 auto workers at Lordstown GM plant


Anger grows as layoff approaches for 1,500 auto workers at Lordstown GM plant

Samuel Davidson

26 May 2018

Lordstown GM workers are directing their anger against both the company and the United Auto Workers who have entered into a deal to layoff the second shift while hiring subcontractors into the massive assembly plant that builds the Chevy Cruze.

Some 1,500 workers are set to lose their jobs on June 22 when GM eliminates the second shift at the plant located on the outskirts of Warren and Youngstown Ohio. At the same time the UAW has struck a deal with the company to bring in lower paid workers from its subsidiary Lordstown GM Subsystems LLC to do many of the jobs.

Workers contacted by the World Socialist Web Site Autoworker Newsletter pointed to the conflict of interest as the UAW collects dues from both the Lordstown workers and those at GM Subsystems, who are paid a fraction of what a traditional autoworker makes.

“They are trying to force out the older workers and replace them with temporary workers,” said Tammy, a Lordstown worker, with 23-year service who is set to lose her job on June 22. “I have 23 years and I am out the door. I know a worker with 50 years service who is being forced to retire. It is company greed, they will replace him with someone making just $15 an hour.”

Tammy noted that she knows of another worker with 47 years and one with 35 years both who are being forced to retire.

“This is a way to force senior workers to retire. In order to keep your job you have to go on the line. GM doesn’t want any senior workers, they are forcing them either to work the line or take their pension.

“They don’t want someone making $30 an hour driving a forklift when they can replace them with someone making just $15 an hour, and the union is working…

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