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Oklahoma voters last month, during a midterm primary election, approved a ballot measure to legalize medical marijuana. The measure, which passed by a vote of 57 to 43 percent, will allow doctors to recommend cannabis to treat any medical condition they see fit. Most other states that have legalized medical marijuana only provide a list of diseases and disorders for which physicians can authorize a cannabis treatment.

The ballot title reads as follows:

This measure amends the Oklahoma State Statutes. A yes vote legalizes the licensed use, sale, and growth of marijuana in Oklahoma for medicinal purposes. A license is required for use and possession of marijuana for medicinal purposes and must be approved by an Oklahoma Board Certified Physician. The State Department of Health will issue medical marijuana licenses if the applicant is eighteen years or older and an Oklahoma resident. A special exception will be granted to an applicant under the age of eighteen, however these applications must be signed by two physicians and a parent or legal guardian. The Department will also issue seller, grower, packaging, transportation, research and caregiver licenses. Individual and retail businesses must meet minimal requirements to be licensed to sell marijuana to licensees. The punishment for unlicensed possession of permitted amounts of marijuana for individuals who can state a medical condition is a fine not exceeding four hundred dollars. Fees and zoning restrictions are established. A seven percent state tax is imposed on medical marijuana sales.

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According to section 1D of the new law “to be codified in the Oklahoma Statutes as Section 420…

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