Americans take to Twitter on Canada Day to apologize for Trump — RT US News

Canada Day has nothing to do with the US, but that hasn’t stopped the Twittersphere from using the holiday to insult Donald Trump, with some Americans even apologizing to their northern neighbors on behalf of their president.

As Canadians marked the holiday with barbecues and family time on Sunday, others online were taking to Twitter, seizing the opportunity to throw a few punches at Trump.

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One person said she would “totally understand” if Canada decided to build a “polite privacy hedge” along the US border, because America “sucks as neighbors right now.”

Another apologized to Canada for the US being a “rot in its basement.”

Along the same lines was Twitter user @thelaughingmuse, who apologized to the Canadians “living in the loft apartment above our s**t-fueled, dumpster-fire of hatred in all its forms.”

One American asked Canada to forgive the US, as it’s going through a “fascist rage punk phase.”

Another American pleaded for a Canadian to adopt her so she could flee the US.

One American opted for a side-by-side comparison of Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, with the latter coming out ahead.

Others threw a bit of word play into the mix, with one person wishing Trump a “tariffic Canada Day.” The comment is in reference to new taxes placed on Canadian steel an aluminum imported into the US.

But despite all the criticism towards Trump, the US president did take a moment to send a Canada Day message to America’s neighbor.

However, that message wasn’t received well by some. Canadian journalist Damien Cox took to Twitter to tell Trump that his Canada Day greetings were “neither accepted nor welcome.”

But one Canadian pointed out that her country isn’t perfect either, while still being critical of Trump.

Trudeau himself took to Twitter to deliver a Canada Day message, with Sunday marking 151 years since the country’s confederation. 

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Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.