Amazon workers ask “$100 billion man” Jeff Bezos: where’s my cut?


Amazon workers ask “$100 billion man” Jeff Bezos: where’s my cut?

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9 December 2017

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Late last month, it was revealed that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ personal wealth had exceeded the $100 billion mark after Black Friday shopping sales drove Amazon stock to new heights. Bezos is now the richest man on Earth, surpassing the former-richest man, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, by over $10 billion.

Amazon distribution center in Baltimore

When reporters for the International Amazon Workers Voice interviewed part-time Amazon “associates” (a cheap euphemism for “employees” used to disguise the exploitative relationship between workers and management at the company) in Baltimore to discuss their attitude toward Bezos’ fortune, they were met with a torrent of disgust, calls for sharing the wealth, and social anger.

“Tell Mr. Bezos and the rest of management to come out of their offices and get on the shop floor” said one worker who identified herself as a single mother of two. “At the end of the day, they never feel what we go through in a day for $12 an hour. They get to sit down in their offices and get paid more than we will see in a year,” she said.

Bezos’ wealth typifies the way an increasingly small number of multi-billionaire CEOs and finance operatives extract ever more obscene sums from the international workforce. This process of ever-increasing wealth for the few and exploitation for the majority is reaching a political breaking point.

Explaining her work environment during the holidays, the working mother said, “they just had us move 100,000 packages in 5 hours, and at…

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