Alternative Medicine vs. Crony Capitalism

There are lots of debates between what is called establishment medicine and alternative medicine. They have very different strategies in conducting research. Their standards of proof are different.


Establishment medicine relies heavily on what are called double-blind tests. These tests are subject to statistical analysis. But there is a fundamental moral problem with these tests. That problem is the placebo.

The tests have randomness as the criterion of truth. If a particular procedure is going to be proven to be both a safe and effective, it has to be compared with something. It does no good to compare it with a procedure known to be dangerous. Nobody is going to be allowed to conduct an experiment based on a dangerous procedure. Anyway, not many experiments will be allowed to be conducted this way.

So, what is the standard? The standard is randomness. Randomness is assumed to be the result of the placebo. The placebo may work in some cases, but if the study is detailed, and in some way is corrected for the famous placebo effect, then the outcome should be random. Some people get better. Some people will say the same. Some people will get worse. There will be no pattern to these three outcomes. In other words, they will be random.

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Because conventional medicine establishes randomness as the criterion of truth, it is forced to conduct large-scale tests in order to demonstrate effectiveness and safety, based on the law of large numbers. A new procedure or drug will have winners and losers, but the people running the experiment want to be able to show that the winners outnumber the losers in a statistically significant way. Statistically significant means compared to randomness.

This means that, in…

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