All-out support for the West Virginia teachers!


All-out support for the West Virginia teachers!

Jerry White

27 February 2018

The World Socialist Web Site calls for the urgent mobilization of all sections of the working class to support striking West Virginia teachers.

More than 20,000 teachers and other school employees in the state have taken a courageous stand to demand the right to living wages, affordable health benefits and high-quality public education. The statewide walkout, now in its fourth day, is being waged in defiance of reactionary laws banning public employee strikes.

The teachers and school employees are fighting for the whole working class. Their fight has pit them against the entire political establishment, from Governor Jim Justice, a billionaire coal baron, to the Democrats and Republicans in the state legislature who are controlled by the energy, chemical and pharmaceutical corporations.

The state government has given teachers an ultimatum: Either accept an insulting 4 percent wage increase over the next three years, which will be more than eaten up by rising healthcare costs, or the state will fine, fire and even jail teachers if they continue their walkout.

Teachers are determined to fight, but they cannot wage this battle on their own! They confront a ruling class, which controls all levers of political power, and is determined to defend their ill-gotten wealth by impoverishing the working class.

The WSWS urges teachers to form rank-and-file committees to issue an appeal for coordinated action of all workers. We call on miners, public sector workers, autoworkers and other sections of the working class, students and youth, to form committees and organize meetings to discuss immediate measures to assist teachers and prevent any effort to victimize or fire them.

A united struggle of the…

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