After G7 summit, Merkel calls for European rearmament


After G7 summit, Merkel calls for European rearmament

Johannes Stern

13 June 2018

Following the collapse of the G7 summit in Charlevoix, Canada, the German government has intensified its campaign for trade war and military rearmament.

Only a few hours after US President Donald Trump announced via Twitter his refusal to agree to the G7 communique, Chancellor Angela Merkel (Christian Democrats, CDU) was a guest on the Anne Will talk show on Sunday evening. She described Trump’s decision as “sobering and depressing,” and appealed openly for a more independent German-European militarist great power policy.

“We, as Europeans, have to take our fate more into our hands,” Merkel said. We can “no longer hope as we did somewhat carelessly for decades that the US is already taking care of it.” For Germany and Europe, this means “that we must promote our principles and values in Europe, potentially in alliance with Canada or Japan.”

Behind the German government and European Union’s propaganda phrases about “principles” and “values” are concrete economic and geostrategic interests. Merkel left no doubt that Berlin and Brussels will respond to the US’ aggressive measures with essentially the same nationalist and militarist offensive as Trump. The German-European response to Trump’s paradigm of “America first” is “Germany and Europe first.”

The Transatlantic partnership could no longer be relied upon, stated Merkel. Instead, the question has to be posed, “Where must we be able to intervene alone?”, and this would “of course mean new tasks for Europe.” The “first loyalty” always belongs “to one’s own country,” but “the second, including in issues of foreign policy, should belong to the European Union.”

The “foreign policy…

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