Afghan “Refugee” Lie Exposed by UN

More than 380,000 Afghans have now been deported back home from Pakistan, with the active assistance of the United Nations (U.N.)—and with money paid to them by that organization.

The mere fact that the U.N. moves the Afghans back home proves that the “refugee” claim that they “flee in fear of their lives” is a complete lie.

The 380,000 registered Afghan “refugees” who have been deported from Pakistan this year—the highest number since 2007—was confirmed by the United Nations last week.

The organization added that it had handed out $135 million in “cash assistance” to the Afghans in the last three months alone.

A crackdown on invaders by the Pakistan government, combined with a doubling of the U.N.’s cash grant for “voluntary returnees” to $400 saw a surge over the border after July this year, the UN has said.

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