A Truly Mad Max World

“If humans stopped all emissions of CO2 now, they would trash their entire economies and in the process kill billions of humans though economy collapse, famine, and war.”
– J.H. Walker

A truly Mad Max world sacrificed on the altar of green socialism

J.H. Walker

The real point the Warmists have missed is the level of CO2 in the atmosphere is dependent on how cold the oceans were 500 years ago and at the same time how warm the upper 200M of the tropical oceans are now.

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CO2 levels are a lagging indicator of temperature and our Ocean currents can lag that change by as much as 500 years via the cold, deep, returning leg of the worlds Overturning current. Over 50 times the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is sequestrated in the deep oceans via being rained out over millions of years. Volcanic Co2 is released at high temperature and it quickly rises to the surface where it out gasses in company with the warm water column during its release.

CO2 commenced its measurable rise in late 1940s and observable during 1950. It is a scientific fact that a given 1LT of very cold, highly oxygenated water which is also high saturated with soluble CO2 takes 500 years to descend from the Ice edge of the high Arctic and move with the Overturning current at 1000M plus depths to the central Pacific upwelling regions and the high surface temperatures SSTs above 20C.

Cold carbonated soda POP contains masses of CO2, and on opening its container, soda POP at 20C is out gassed after 30 minutes.

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