A Short History of Germs

In this video, Joe Alton MD discusses a short history of something that’s been on our planet for billions of years: microbes! Of course, most microbes are perfectly harmless, but some can kill you.

A few can cause worldwide pandemics, like Yersinia Pestis, the bacteria that caused the Black Plague. Yersinia lived on fleas that lived on rats that lived among humans, and still causes cases in various parts of the world (including a few in the U.S.).

In order to understand disease-causing germs (also called pathogens), it’s useful to know where they came from, how we humans came to realize they were there, and that they could cause disease. Dr. Alton talks about how we came to realize that we shared the planet with things we couldn’t even see.

To watch, click below:

Reprinted with permission from Doom & Bloom.

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