A Red Pilled Professor’s Memoir

Springtime for Snowflakes: ‘Social Justice’ and Its Postmodern Parentage by Michael Rectenwald is an eclectic book that merges a personal academic memoir, a lucid outline of the worldviews behind the rise of “political correctness” and “social justice warriors,” and an edifying and often hilarious assembly of Twitter tweets and Facebook posts.

Understand that this book is first and foremost a memoir, not a political or philosophical treatise. It’s about Professor Rectenwald’s personal journey to where he is today in the realm of ideas and politics. Like any good story, it’s a book filled with crises that demand resolutions.

The most famous being the raison d’être of the book: his decision to create the anonymous @antipcnyuprof Twitter account to playfully taunt what he saw as SJW ideology gone amuck at college campuses, including but not limited to his own New York University. Yet that was only the beginning.

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After he finally revealed his identity through an interview in his school’s student newspaper, an open letter appeared, written by members of the Liberal Studies Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Working Group, denouncing him as being, in their words, “guilty in the content and structure of his thinking” (p 24). Supposedly to help his “mental health,” soon he was pressured to take paid leave for a semester. His return, unfortunately, was met with a near universal shunning and a subsequent avalanche of verbal abuses and libels in an e-mail group from his colleagues.

In Springtime for Snowflakes, Rectenwald refreshingly provides honest self-reflection. His intellectual journey begins not from…

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