A Cheap Multi-Tasker for Survival and Prep

A rain poncho is useful for a lot of things. beyond just being a coat to wear to keep dry. There are a lot of different options for best rain ponchos out there from your one time use disposable to a made for extended wear military style. I have tried to include a variety of options that suit most adults but I made sure to include some disposables that are kid-sized.


A poncho can be used to make a covering for you to get through bad weather. A lot of people have ridden out some pretty bad storms with just a good poncho.


Something loose and the right color can help you conceal yourself and/or your gear. This means ponchos are also useful for concealing caches while protecting them from the weather too.

Distilling Water

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I learned about an interesting method for purifying water. To do this you build a fire and boil water. A poncho can be used to form a tent. You can catch the condensed and dripping water at the edges.

Large Enough For 2 People In A Pinch

Size of the poncho you buy is important. A poncho that is large enough to cover your backpack and you or large enough for someone to get in with you in a bad situation.

Boosts Waterproof Characteristics and Helps Gear Maintain Waterproof Coatings

Even if you have a waterproof bag, a poncho over it is going to help it wear longer and make it less likely that any water leaks in. Just because your bag starts out waterproof during SHTF that doesn’t mean it will stay that way without Scotchguard or better care.

Makeshift Mattress or Pillow

An extra poncho made of nylon or any heavy duty fabric can be made into a mattress or pillow by stuffing it full of leaf litter or whatever dry filling you have…

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