A Changing of the Guard

The Russians are everywhere! Prepare! Rip out your hair! Didn’t you hear? The Russians are here!

And the Big Orange Toad God Emperor of Man is being pulled like a puppet by their strings. It seems so likely! The CIA loves you. The Military Industrial Complex loves you. Big Pharma loves you. Pop another pill. Go back to fucking sleep.

Meanwhile, Candidate B received massive campaign funding from Saudi Arabia and other repressive regimes, while her opponent was vilified and attacked constantly by foreign leaders all across the world (and a few international bankers, too). So who exactly was it interfering in the election again? Also, just a reminder to any future United States Secretaries of State that ponder the idea of skirting standard operating procedures: private, unsecured email servers set up in the back of old mom-and-pop shops aren’t all that hard to hack. This advice comes free of charge. You’re welcome.

If you were a Patriot, you’d be criticizing the corruption of the crooked federal government and all its insidious tentacles of chaos, while connecting with the wave of restorative energy that is currently rising to at least try and save the Republic.

Instead, you’re actively supporting the imperialist System of the Beast that wrecks hell all over the earth, while opposing the first movement in God only knows how long that actually seeks a semblance of justice and peace.

You’re a fool. You’re a dope. You’re a mark. You’re a rube….

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