83 Daesh oil tankers destroyed in Syria airstrike: US

The Pentagon says 83 oil tankers used by the Daesh terrorist group have been destroyed in a US-led coalition airstrike in eastern Syria over the weekend.

According to Pentagon spokesman Matthew Allen, the air raid was conducted by “multiple coalition aircraft” on Sunday evening near Albu Kamal, in Deir Ezzor province along Syria’s border with Iraq.

“This strike is a component of ongoing Tidal Wave II operation designed to attack the distribution network of Daesh’s oil-smuggling operation and degrade their capacity to fund their operations,” Allen said Monday.

Operation Tidal Wave II, which was named after a World War II mission to bomb oil refineries, has witnessed the US-led coalition carry out a series of raids on Daesh’s oil infrastructure.

Coalition planes involved in two strikes last year struck and razed about 400 tankers lined up in the desert to be filled with illicit oil.

Prior to those strikes, the United States dropped pamphlets, warning…

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