71 Killed in Iraq; ISIS Stage Several Attacks Around Baghdad

71 Killed in Iraq; ISIS Stage Several Attacks Around Baghdad

The Shi’ite-led government is shutting down or curtailing
media outlets popular with Sunni Iraqis. The reasoning is that the
outlets could inflame sectarian bloodshed. Among the targets of the campaign
were the local office of al-Jazeera and TV channel al-Baghdadia.

At least 71 were killed and 88 were wounded:

Daesh militants attacked a natural
gas plant in Taji and set the tanks on fire. Fourteen
people were killed
and at least 27 were wounded. Eight militants were killed, from either gunfire or their
own suicide vests. New Zealand troops are stationed
near the plant. Due to regulations, they were not able to leave the base and

In Baghdad, a bomb in the Talfiya district killed two militiamen and
wounded seven others
. Two
people were killed and nine were wounded
by a blast in Rashidiya.
Another four
people were reported killed
in bombings, and 12
more were wounded
. An intelligence
officer was shot dead

A car bomb exploded in a commercial area of Latifiya,
seven people and wounding 18 more
. Two of the fatalities and four of the
injured belonged to security forces.

Fourteen Peshmerga
were poisoned
in a chemical attack at the Makhmour front lines.

civilian was wounded
when militants shelled Khalidiya.

In Safra and Zerga, airstrikes left 17
militants dead

Airstrikes on Makhoul killed
seven militants

militants were killed
in strikes on Albu Obeid.

Peshmerga forces killed
three suicide bombers
in Sinjar.

Dozens of militants were killed
in the liberation of Kanona.

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