65 Killed in Iraq During Eid Observances

65 Killed in Iraq During Eid Observances

The United Kingdom’s long-awaited investigative report on
the Iraq War was finally released
on Wednesday. The Iraq Inquiry, informally known as the Chilcot Report
after the inquiry’s chairman John Chilcot, took seven years to be completed and
its results released to the public. It probed into Britain’s lead-up to the
war, the war itself, and its aftermath. Despite the generally negative view of
the war, he U.K. still has troops
in Iraq.

At least 65 were killed and 23 were wounded:

The mortar
on Camp Liberty on Monday also left two
policemen and eight Iraqi civilians with injuries

In Baghdad, a civilian
was shot dead

An airstrike on a militant court in Hawija killed
14 militants and wounded 13 others

Peshmerga forces killed
20 militants
in Aski Mosul, Shandokha, and Tal Rim.

In Mosul, an airstrike killed
eight militants
. Another strike killed
10 more
. A roadside bomb killed
four militants
. Two
more were stabbed to death

Security forces killed
six militants
, including an official, near Qaim.

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