53 Killed in Iraq; Security Forces Draw Closer to Jordanian Border

53 Killed in Iraq; Security Forces Draw Closer to Jordanian Border

Security forces captured
more territory on the international highway west of Rutba. They have
reached at least as far as Camp Korean Village, which is a former U.S. base.
The eventual goal is to control
the entire highway to the Jordanian and Syrian borders.

Security forces say
they will try to recover Falluja next. However, this may include Shi’ite
militias, which are not welcome in the city.

In International Money Fund (I.M.F.) announced
it will lend $5.4 billion to Iraq over the next three years. There are several
important conditions attached to the loan, such as promising to fight

Army Gen. Joseph Votel, the head of U.S. Central
, arrived
unannounced in Baghdad as part of a Middle East tour.

Troops have cut
off a supply line near Qaim and the Syrian border.

At least 53 people were killed and 24 were wounded:

people were killed and 10 were wounded
in a bombing in a Taji
industrial district.

In Baghdad, three
soldiers were wounded
by a blast in Arab Jabour.

people were killed and eight were wounded
in Mahmoudiya when a bomb
exploded near shops.

A bomb killed
one soldier and wounded another
near al-Aali.

militants were killed
during airstrikes on Tal Keif.

Strikes on Falluja left dozens of militants dead.
of them were killed
when a factory was bombed.

Security forces killed
seven militants
in Barwana.

In Bashiqa, a strike killed
four militants

Peshmerga forces killed
three militants and wounded two more
in Kazak.

A strike on Khalidiya killed
two militants

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