43% against military strikes, YouGov poll reveals — RT UK News

The largest share of Britons surveyed in a YouGov poll for The Times is against military action against Syrian military targets.

Forty-three percent oppose, while just 22 percent support, airstrikes against Syria, with 34 percent unsure whether they back the action. 

The poll’s release comes as UK Prime Minister Theresa May is reportedly readying her cabinet to back military strikes on Syria without asking Parliament for consent.

This is contrary to opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn’s position. He is insistent that Parliament must have a say on any airstrikes. His views were echoed by the leaders of both the SNP and the Liberal Democrats.

Various UK MPs and social media commentators from across the political spectrum have taken to Twitter to air their views on the matter.

While the hashtag #NotInMyNameTheresaMay, is now trending on Twitter as the UK public begin to rally against the UK PM, calling for no military strikes against Syria.

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Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.