41 Killed in Iraq; Bombs a Daily Ritual for Baghdad

41 Killed in Iraq; Bombs a Daily Ritual for Baghdad

According to Peshmerga officials, Finland is planning
to deploy 50 additional trainers to Kurdistan.

At least 41 people were killed and 23 were wounded:

decomposed bodies were discovered
near Hussein Islam village.

In Baghdad, a bomb in Shaab killed two
people and wounded five more
. Two
soldiers were killed and five were wounded
by a blast in Arab Jabour.

Militants killed
a woman
for hurling stones at them in Shirqat. She was trying to
avenge the death
of her son
who was killed by militants as they were trying to flee the
city. Security forces killed
a bomber

A bomb at a park in Madaen left eight
people with injuries

torture victims were liberated
in Samarra.

A sniper wounded
a civilian
trying to escape Rashad.

militants were killed
in an explosion at a Rawa arms factory.

Strikes on Khorsabad left nine
militants dead

Unidentified gunmen killed
four militants
in Qaim, including a leader.

In Tal Afar, strikes left four
militants dead

A suicide
bomber were killed
in Telul Alpaq.

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