4 Injured in Shooting and Stabbing in Sweden’s Helsingborg

At least four people have been hospitalized with gunshot and stabbing wounds in the Swedish town of Helsingborg following an alleged ‘attempted murder’ which police are, for now, hesitant to definitively link to organized crime.

The incident unfolded at about 8pm just steps away from the Gustav Adolf Church in the center of the city. When police arrived at the scene they discovered four people injured.

“They had shot injuries as well as a stabbing injury,” police spokesman Fredrik Bratt told local news outlets. “They were taken to hospital in ambulance, police cars and private transport.”

Three of the males, all in their 20s, suffered serious injuries, while the fourth was slightly injured, in an incident that is, for now, being classified as an attempted murder.

The circumstances are currently being investigated. So far police have failed to detain any suspects in the case, as they continue to seek witnesses and any relevant information related to the violence that occurred.

While an increase in gang-related violence has been witnessed in recent years in Helsingborg, the police say that it is “too early” to reach conclusions about the latest case. Records released by Swedish Police in December 2017 reveal there were a total of 306 shooting incidents last year, resulting in 41 deaths. The majority of the fatal incidents occurred in the capital, Stockholm.



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