300% Violent Crime Increase Due to Nonwhite Invasion, Police Admit

A 300 percent increase in violent crime in Austria is directly linked to “migration movements,” the Federal Criminal Police Office (BK) in that country has admitted following two major knife attacks in that country this week—incidents largely ignored by the English-language controlled media.

According to a report in Die Presse, an attack took place on Wednesday evening this week at 19:45 when a 23-year-old Afghan invader—pretending to be a refugee in Austria—attacked an Austrian family who were walking by on the Nestroyplatz in Vienna.

The family—consisting of a father (67), a mother (56) and their daughter (17) all suffered serious wounds, with the father’s wounds putting him in “mortal danger,” the report added.

Half an hour later, the same Afghan attacked another Afghan invader in an apparent dispute over drugs in the Praterstern area. Shortly afterward, the police arrested the attacker.

A police spokesman said that the Afghan invader had said that he had carried out the attacks because of his “aggressive feeling and rage about his life situation.”

The Die Presse report went on to quote BK director Franz Lang as saying that “recently, the number of knife attacks in Austria has risen sharply” and that a “300 percent” increase in “violent crime recorded in 2016 as a whole can also be attributed to migration movements,” explained BK director Franz Lang.

According to BK data, in 2016, there were about 35,600 Afghans in Austria, and…

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