2 Minor Technical Revisions of the Tax Code

Every ideologically driven citizen has one law that he would like to see enacted. The trouble is, there is no agreement about which law it should be.

We all have our favorite hobby horse, our recommended silver bullet.

I suggested two laws on Lew Rockwell’s site back in May 2000. It was the first article by me that he posted. Since then, he has posted about 1,700 more. The site no longer numbers them, so I am not sure how many. The article was titled, “Two Teensy-Weensy Legal Reforms.”

Every American visitor to this website probably has a cabinet-level agency that he thinks should be abolished first. I dream such dreams, too. But as I grow older, I become less utopian. So, I’m going to recommend two minor technical revisions of the tax code.

Repeal withholding on all federal income taxes.
Move the date that federal taxes are due to the first Monday of November.

Federal elections are held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday of November.

You can read my arguments here.

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As I wrote then, I regarded these as non-utopian. What reform would I pursue if I wanted to go full utopian?

In deciding what reform it should be, I have in mind a practice of the U.S. government that is inherently messianic. It is a widely accepted practice that identifies the U.S. government as semi-divine. If it were prohibited, it would shrink the federal government to its authority of 1860.

The key phrase is “widely accepted.” This identifies the surrender of liberty on a widespread basis. It marks a practice that is not controversial, but is in fact the crucial lever of power of the federal government over the voters. It has to be a practice that, in colloquial American English, no one thinks twice about.

Finally, it has…

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