161 Killed in Iraq, Including PKK in Turkish Strike


161 Killed in Iraq, Including PKK in Turkish Strike

Amnesty International called on Kurdish
authorities to investigate the death of journalist Wedat Hussein Ali,
who was killed in August. The organization also criticized the lack of justice
for journalists who have been killed or tortured in Iraq and Kurdistan.

A former Tajik police commander has been appointed
the new Minister of War within the Islamic State. The United States had
been looking
for Col. Gulmurod Khalimov after he disappeared earlier this year.
Khalimov has received training from both U.S. and Russian instructors.

Ghazwan Al-Dawoudi, a representative of the Shabak
minority, said
that the liberation
of Badanah by Nineveh Plains Protection Units two days ago was
not an attack against ISIS/Daesh militants but the destruction of a Shabak
village by the Christian militia.

At least 161 were killed and 34 were wounded:

Turkey claimed to have killed
30 members
of the Kurdistan Workers Party (P.K.K.) in airstrikes on
northern Iraq.

A booby-trapped building in Awsaja exploded, killing 10 soldiers and eight civilians;
four people were also injured.

In Baghdad, a suicide
nine people and wounded 20 more
in the Karrada district.

A police
officer was killed and four more were wounded
when a roadside bomb exploded
in Tarmiya.

civilians were wounded
when militants blew up a number of homes in Hammam

An airstrike on a convoy near Haditha left 60
militants dead

Security forces killed
18 militants
near Hawija.

In Baaj, militants killed
of their own on desertion charges.

Five militants
were killed
in an artillery attack on Khorsabad.

In Mosul, an airstrike killed a militant
responsible for training children for combat.

A veiled woman shot
dead two militant
s in Sharqat.

Near Fallujah, security forces killed
two militants

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