10 Dumbest Gun Control Laws


Gun grabbers will try anything to limit our constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. While we appear to be taking back ground lost in previous decades–usually with data to prove that new laws have done nothing to make us any safer–there are a handful of laws in place that are particularly stupid.

Today, let’s take a look at those laws and just why they need to be killed.

What this is not is an in-depth, legalese description of these laws, just a brief overview. I am not an attorney, after all.

1. The Hughes Amendment

This was something tacked on to an otherwise pro-gun bill during the Reagan Era. Even if you’re unfamiliar with the name, if you’re a gun nut, you’re familiar with the ramifications of this bit of legislation. You see, this is the reason the machine gun market is what it is. This law banned machine guns manufactured after 1986 to go to private hands.

All this law did was assign an arbitrary cut-off date that had nothing to do with anything in and of itself. There was no indication that guns manufactured after that date would be more deadly (they aren’t), nor that legally held weapons were being used in crimes (they weren’t). Instead, it was a petulant child of a politician who tried to throw in a poison pill into a pro-gun law.

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And it backfired on pretty much everyone.

2. Suppressor Regulation via The National Firearms Act of 1934

Suppressors, contrary to what the gun grabbers argue, aren’t an aid to illegal activities. Instead, they’re safety devices. They protect people’s hearing when they’re firing weapons. Period.

However, in the anti-gun hysteria surrounding gangland violence during Prohibition, suppressors were seen as the Boogeyman’s favorite took of choice. After all,…

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  • Gil Favor

    I’ve come back to make a remark about #6 on the list. Hollow points. Jersey don’t want citizens to use hollow points. BUT the US gubbermint has purchased OVER 500 million rounds of JHP, for handguns. Untold numbers to the Social Security Administration, and USPS. Why ? For paper punching ? Why not FMJ’s or ball ammo ? These are pure ‘defensive’ rounds. Against who ?

    Second remark about ATF and their form 4473. Sometimes it takes ‘weeks’ to achieve a proceed. Federal LEO’s have some of the fastest computers in the country, and you have to wait. And wait.

    Thirdly, concealed carry. Open carry. First they take away your 2nd Amendment, then ‘sell’ it back to you. I live in Texas, and WE the people can’t seem to get Constitutional Carry passed, when there are 14 other states that have achieved this. Pitiful.

  • Mayday911us

    Yes states have stupid laws yes there are stupid federal laws is well when it comes to so-called gun control.

    But a lot of these laws were passed age feel good legislation of look we did something.

    But let’s look at the state of California they’ve had 14 mass shootings with all their gun control.