Video: T-80 test-drive: Hitting the track on the Russian main battle tank


It’s a big occasion for tank crews in Russia – who are celebrating their professional day. To mark the event, RT’s Ilya Petrenko found out what it’s like, to be in the …

Via Youtube

  • Tim Hadfield

    Yesterdays tank – now we have seen the Armata. Still capable though.

  • The Russian T-34 for responsible in good part for stopping Hitler’s Legions.

    It was a crude but effective product, ultimately defeating Europe’s most advanced country’s products.

    Today. apart from this T-80, Russia has the new versions of the heavy T-90 (which was filmed taking a direct hit from an American Tow Missile in Syria and just kept going) and the remarkable new, hi-tech T-14 Armata., a new kind of tank entirely.

    The Russians are really good at this stuff protecting their homeland.

    Why does the US keep pushing up against the borders? Aggressive stupidity and arrogance.

  • joe

    Outlaw zionism, usury, and central banking and nobody needs tanks